The GOP Thinks Your Vote Is A Lock

The Tea Party screams at the GOP constantly and all they get is a pat on the head every election cycle. Its almost like GOP leadership isn’t worried about the Tea Party vote, like they don’t think there’s an alternative to the [not so] Grand Ol’ Party. Well, there really isn’t at the moment. A third party at the federal level would be lost in the sea of power brokers and lobbyists (is that redundant?). I am of the oppinion that the federal government is a lost cause at the moment.

However, at the State and County levels, a third party could be very influential, especially in the case of  nullification. All it would take is for all the people tired of the GOP’s bs to throw their votes behind a third party. Its a long shot, I feel like I’m probably talking to a wall, but with a little imagination, and a lot of guts, we could take the State and County governments away from the GOP and make them actually listen to us. Make them court us, if you will, and earn our favor. Choice is power, but only if you exercise it.

So, here’s some of the other parties active in NC:

Independent American Party

American Patriot Party

Reform Party of NC

Constitution Party of NC

Libertarian Party of NC

American Freedom Party

This was just a quick Google search, there may be some I missed. If you know of any others, let me know. What matters is that there is a challenge to GOP domination. If they start losing seats in local and State elections, they’ll start paying attention. If they don’t, screw ’em.

2 thoughts on “The GOP Thinks Your Vote Is A Lock

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