Resource For SHTF


Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests,
Medical, Economical, and Agricultural.
Being also a Medical Botany of the Confederate States;
with Practical Information on the Useful Properties of
the Trees, Plants, and Shrubs:

 It is intended as a repertory of scientific and popular knowledge as regards the medicinal, economical, and useful properties of the trees, plants, and shrubs found within the limits of the Confederate States, whether employed in the arts, for manufacturing purposes, or in domestic economy, to supply a present as well as a future want. Treating specially of our medicinal plants and of the best substitutes for foreign articles of vegetable origin, my aim has been to spare no exertions, compatible with the limits assigned me, to make it applicable as well to the requirements of the Surgeon as of the Planter and Farmer; and I trust that after the war shall have ceased there will still be no diminution in the desire of every one to possess a source from whence his curiosity may be satisfied on matters pertaining to our useful plants. The Regimental Surgeon in the field, the Physician in his private practice, or the Planter on his estate may themselves collect and apply these substances within their reach, which are frequently quite as valuable as others obtained from abroad, and either impossible to be procured or scarce and costly. But information scattered through a variety of sources must needs be first collected to be available in any practical point of view.

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Read about Francis Peyre Porcher here.



2 thoughts on “Resource For SHTF

  1. Thanks, thats a pretty exhaustive compendium of traditional uses of plants. Don’t know much about this topic and think you would have to be a medical researcher with an open mind to learn which ones actually work and which are just folk-lore but by the science of the day the authors did a remarkable job of investigating these. I do know that some of them do work well and better than anything modern medicine has today.

    • Modern medicine came from analyzing the chemical compounds in herbs and then synthesizing and concentrating them. Every single thing is made from the elements on the Periodic Table, after all.

      I ordered a hard copy from Amazon.

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