UK: War Memorials Defaced, Mosques Burned, Mass Demonstrations

Daily Mail

Two of Britain’s most celebrated war memorials have been defaced, apparently with the word ‘Islam’ scrawled across them and inscriptions scrubbed out with red paint.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the vandalism of the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park and the Animals In War Memorial in Park Lane, both in central London.

Pictures taken today show that the damage has now been covered over with plastic or white sheets.

Scotland Yard said there have not been any arrests, so it not clear if it has been done by Muslim protesters or far-right groups attempting to stir-up hatred.

It came as supporters of the English Defence League marched through central London today.

The EDL demonstrators pushed their way through a police cordon as they made their way to Trafalgar Square.

They chanted ‘Muslim killers off our streets’ and ‘There’s only one Lee Rigby’ and protesters held placards that read ‘Blood on your hands’ and ‘GB RIP’.

They are expected to demonstrate outside Downing Street later.

A group of United Against Fascism supporters are planning a counter-protest at the same time and were penned in by the Met Police to avoid ugly clashes.

The demonstrators marched through Admiralty Arch and onto Parliament Square.

They were escorted by Metropolitan Police officers and vans, while a force helicopter followed overhead.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said Whitehall was closed to traffic because of ‘a number of demonstrations’.
Tensions have also increased in certain communities where thugs have been attacking mosques in retaliation for the murder of Lee Rigby.

A Grimsby mosque was last night hit with petrol bombs, while people were inside, including children.

Chairman Diler Gharib said: ‘We had just finished our prayers and were discussing how to thank our neighbours for the support they have shown us over the past few days when we heard a bang and saw fire coming under the door.

‘I grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out and then two more petrol bombs hit the fire escape and the bin so I had to put those out too.

‘Luckily the police have been monitoring the mosque since the last attack and they were able to arrest two people almost straight away.

‘We have all been feeling on edge and now this has happened. It’s not just the people at the mosque we are worried about, it’s our wives, daughters and children who are out in the community.

‘People need to realise that the people who committed the murder in Woolwich are criminals and it had nothing to do with the Muslim faith.’

A 33-year-old man and a 37-year-old man were arrested following the attack and were tonight in police custody at Grimsby Police Station.

Following a separate attack on the mosque last Thursday, six of the 11 people arrested have been released without charge.

Four boys, aged 16 and 15, have been released on bail until the end of June.


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