Swedes May Be Growing A Pair

Related to my previous post, notice these “vigilants” are doing this WITHOUT  firearms.

Gates Of Vienna

Right-wing extremists form vigilante groups in Sweden

Right-wing extremist groups patrolled in several of the suburbs in Stockholm on Friday night. Meanwhile the riots spread to Örebro and Linköping.

Approximately 200 black-clad right-wing extremists in approximately 30 cars drove around in the suburbs of Stockholm ostensibly looking for immigrant youths and intending to stop the car fires.

In Tumba, south of Stockholm, they chased people in the streets until the police intervened and stopped them, according to SVT.

After leaving Tumba, and going to Mälaröjden via Älvsjö,18 right-wing extremists were arrested and taken away in police buses.

There are also reports coming from other suburbs about right-wing extremists forming vigilante groups, something which the police have long feared would happen, writes Expressen.




3 thoughts on “Swedes May Be Growing A Pair

  1. So the police have “long feared” right-wing extremist
    would attack the muslims? They are doing a better job of getting this under control than the police. Maybe thats what the police fear? Somebody doing a better job than them.

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