Gun Control Is Not The Problem

British soldier hacked to death on the street, Husby, Rinkeby, Fittja, Kista, Södertälje and Vällingby in Sweden have  seen cars and schools set on fire for five successive days while the summoned firefighters and police officers have been attacked with stones hundreds of times. Now a French soldier has been stabbed. These are demonstrations of power. They are the same as an Apache war dance or a Maori haka. They are declaring themselves warriors for their people and they are not afraid of us; our people are live stock to be slaughtered at will.


We have governments full of Neville Chamberlains convinced that muslim anger can be asuaged by more hand outs and apologies and a populace that waits for that same government to save them from enemies that the government invited in! All the while “preppers” are  making elaborate plans to run away when things get bad. If these kinds of attacks come to the US, will we do any better? I doubt it, guns are worthless without backbone.

“If that had been me, I’d have sent them to Allah!”

Stop being so selfishly libertarian, these are attacks on you and your whole family. They are attacks on the culture and way of life that supports you and yours. The Boston bombing wasn’t an attack on that city, it was an attack on western civilization. The British soldier was a stand in for all western men. Time to change your mindset.

You can have my pants when you pry them off my cold, dead loins!

You can have my pants when you pry them off my cold, dead loins!

The blogosphere condemns British gun control, but I condemn that busload of people who stood there listening to the muslims’ rant rather then curb-stomping them to death.


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