My Comment On The Captain’s Blog

I keep trying to comment on Captain’s Blog, but it keeps telling me its flagged as spam. I even created an account, which annoys me to no end. Since I have my own soap box, I’ll just reply here, maybe my comments will show up there later. This one’s better, anyway!

On his post, Guns and Terror in Great Brittain, he rehashes the recent murder of a British soldier by Nigerian muslims. Then goes on to point out that the citizens are disarmed by law. I think this misses the point. When two people are yelling, “Allahu Akbar!” and attempting to kill somebody, you act. You don’t wait around for the cops or stand there thinking, “if I only had my balls gun, I’d help that guy!” Like the passengers of Flight 93 or the people who stopped the “shoe bomber“, you fight back. When you see this happening, you are watching the end of Christian civilization, or, if you’re a member of the Cult of the Constitution, the end of liberal democracy. If you don’t act, if you stand passively by while your people are slaughtered and your culture eradicated, you’re complicit.

“People who witnessed the crime could only shout at them since they didn’t have guns either.”

I doubt it would have mattered. Guns require the will to act, and these people (Brits and bloggers alike) are conditioned to wait for government approval. Its a scary thought to confront a killer, especially hand to hand, you may die, but if you don’t act, and you have any integrity, you will regret having done nothing for the rest of your long, safe life. If I am ever in that situation, I pray I will have the courage to do the right thing.

My orders are to fight;
Then if I bleed, or fail,
Or strongly win, what matters it?
God only doth prevail.
The servant craveth naught
Except to serve with might.
I was not told to win or lose,–
My orders are to fight.

Ethelwyn Wetherald

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