The Biblical Case For Beards

I was checking through the links of some links on some site that I can’t remember and found this site. In the articles section I found Biblical Case for the Beard parts 1 and 2. As one of the bearded few, I found them interesting.



Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. (Lev 19:27)

Ok, so you can see from this that these are laws of morality and of right living. These are not, then, ceremonial or sacrificial laws, which were all done away with the Levitical priesthood, and with the carnal sacrifice, and with the Temple worship. These laws, commonly called MORAL laws, are to be kept in perpetuity because they are the commandments of God for right living. They all represent how God would have His children to live separately from the rest of the world. By observing and keeping these laws, the children of Israel would show themselves to be a peculiar nation unto God, and that they love the One, True God of the Bible.

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Rusky Style

Rusky Style

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Rebel Style

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Grow a beard, Yuppie





12 thoughts on “The Biblical Case For Beards

  1. Also, these are indeed laws for the people under the Law and not for Christians. We are not forbidden from eating the fruit of a tree until the fourth year, you can sow two types of seeds in a field if you want to, and you can wear a garment made from multiple types of fabrics.

    The Christian fulfillment would be the teaching that our bodies belong to God and everything we do with our bodies should glorify Him and be careful not to be identified with the ungodly.

    • So, I don’t have to honor and obey my parents or keep the Sabbath? (19:3)
      I can make and worship idols?(19:4)
      I can steal, defraud and lie?(19:11)
      Taking the Lord’s name is vain is ok?(19:12)

    • St. John Chtysostom makes your point better, I think:
      Do you not see that uncleanness does not arise from the nature of the thing, but from the weakness of the reasoning about it? And again: “All things indeed are clean, howbeit it is evil to that man who eats with offense.” Romans 14:20 Do you see that it is not to eat, but to eat with offense, that is the cause of uncleanness?

        • Justin Martyr(I am not clear on whether the titles are his or the translators):
          Chapter XXIX.-Christ is Useless to Those Who Observe the Law.

          “Let us glorify God, all nations gathered together; for He has also visited us. Let us glorify Him by the King of glory, by the Lord of hosts. For He has been gracious towards the Gentiles also; and our sacrifices He esteems more grateful than yours. What need, then, have I of circumcision, who have been witnessed to by God? What need have I of that other baptism, who have been baptized with the Holy Ghost? I think that while I mention this, I would persuade even those who are possessed of scanty intelligence. For these words have neither been prepared by me, nor embellished by the art of man; but David sung them, Isaiah preached them, Zechariah proclaimed them, and Moses wrote them. Are you acquainted with them, Trypho? They are contained in your Scriptures, or rather not yours, but ours.(77) For we believe them; but you, though you read them, do not catch the spirit that is in them. Be not offended at, or reproach us with, the bodily uncircumcision with which God has created us; and think it not strange that we drink hot water on the Sabbaths, since God directs the government of the universe on this day equally as on all others; and the priests, as on other days, so on this, are ordered to offer sacrifices; and there are so many righteous men who have performed none of these legal ceremonies, and yet are witnessed to by God Himself.

    • The old testament always leads to Jesus. They are connected. And God says of himself that he is unchanging. So, all this applies to Christians as well as Jews. Jesus does not cast off the old testament.

  2. Not very much. I had the idea a while ago to start reading them chronologically, but I didn’t keep at it. I should start again.

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