Raleigh Lib Takes Issue With Living In The South

Alex Jones (not that one) has a blog called Red State Blues on politicsnc.com, a liberal site. In this post, he bemoans what he sees as our legislature’s (NC GOP’s) efforts to follow what he calls the South Carolina-Mississsppi model which he says is not popular.

“It’s not a coincidence, then, that Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham voters already support Democrats on the generic legislative ballot by fairly robust margins. Of interest to the likely U.S. Senate candidate, Berger himself is deeply unpopular in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington.”

So, his argument is if the cities don’t like it, then its bad. I mentioned that there are plenty of blue States that he can move  to if he doesn’t like living in a red, “deep south” State. Stop by and wish him a happy Confederate Memorial Day!


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