Preaching To The Choir

My last post made me think that we should consider leaving our echo chamber and having our online discussions in the left’s. Maybe if they were included in our thought process and we in theirs, some kind of understanding could result. I doubt all of our differences will be solved or  anything like that, I’m pretty sure we speak different languages, but at least it would force both of us to address more than just sound bites from each other’s politicians.  I tend to get deja vu from following the sites I do, its the same thing over and over and I’m sure theirs are too. Lets inject our echos into their chamber.

Also, it seems more like offense than defense which is getting us nowhere. I would love to see the eloquent bloggers I follow take the discussion into the opponent’s territory.

The Battle Of Daily Kos?

The Battle Of Daily Kos?


3 thoughts on “Preaching To The Choir

    • Its not changing any minds, though. Not everybody who thinks they’re liberal are unreachable. For many people, schooled in public schools and colleges, watching MSM shows, etc, liberalism seems like the only legitimate position and we seem like toothless, backward hicks. The internet is our only outlet, but if we just talk amongst ourselves and don’t engage, it doesn’t do any good.

    • Fanning the flames is what i’m talking about. There must be some fence sitters on the left, we need to push them off onto our side.
      You can’t win a war if you don’t engage.

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