What Will Collapse Be Like

A lot of time is spent contemplating what a collapse would look like here, how about this:

The drivers of the trucks are threatened. If they chose to come anyways to bring the fuel, criminal groups set their trucks on fire or are executed. That is what they have been warned. Pemex stations are empty, with padlocks on pumps and with yellow tape that isolate them as if it was a crime scene.

There is no food or gas: 8 out of 10 shops are closed for business. The streets are half-empty. The grocers, market merchants cannot buy food in the center of the state.

But here gasoline, food and other basic cleaning materials are not the only commodities that are lacking; there is also a shortage of medicines. In fact, most of the doctors have fled the town; social programs such as “Oportunidades” have stopped operating for at least one month, according to the villagers.

Even the local priest took off.

First they formed a so-called community policing, but 34 of the members were arrested with long guns two months ago and are still prisoners. Then came the paramilitaries.

That, which is shown by these armed people and evidence of battles, burned cars, luxury SUV’s with crosses, symbol of the Templars, shot up and burned by the side of a road, the sides riddled with bullet holes. The town is under siege. It is in war. That’s what happens. There is a war between the vigilante groups and The Knights Templar.


Did you guess that isn’t fiction? To get an idea of what might be coming, all we need to do is look at Mexico. The border is open and the cartels are already here.

They've got tribe, do you?

Arsenal Envy?


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