Pastor Raided In K’ville Says The Reason Was His Southern Nationalist Writing

Tim Manning posted on Facebook that his house was raided on May 1. The story seems to have made it around the ‘net a bit. Apparently, the stated reason for the warrant was to pick up Mr. Manning’s son, Christopher, a Fugitive Recovery Agent on an assault charge.  The Marble Hill Constitution picked up the story and a debate ensued in  the comments. Commenters seem split as to the character of the Mannings. How many actually know them is debatable.

Tim Manning has written a short piece for the Marble Hill Constitution stating his belief that he was raided due to his Southern Nationalist  views and writings. He and his son are pursuing legal action against  Forsyth County and Winston Salem.

On a possibly related note, SF Medic posted a link to this interesting paper on government data mining.


8 thoughts on “Pastor Raided In K’ville Says The Reason Was His Southern Nationalist Writing

  1. Since this is the first time the majority of people have ever heard about Christophers “Pastor” daddy, I doubt he’s on anyone’s radar for his writings. Did he use crayons or invisible ink to write these historical documents? He’s using religion as a smoke screen to cover up his racism and anger. He wants to stir up some controversy to generate interest in his “cause”. So deflect the attention away from Chris for pulling a gun on some kid and make it about the Fed’s taking guns away from citizens. I have a shit load of guns and nobody’s knocked on my door asking for them….because I’m not mental deficient egomaniac. My manliness is not related to the pistol in my holster.

    This why people want gun laws. I believe Chris needs a mental evaluation before he kill someone because he’s pissed off. He is young, arrogant and an idiot. He gets empowered by walking around with a pistol and a badge. He speaks of law enforcers as being the aggressor to you, but what about his actions against others? Chris must have failed the police or sheriff exam and the military didn’t want you. Running around in the woods playing army like a 12 year old is more Chris’s style.

    The Mannings nees to sit down and read the bible about taking responsibility for your actions, forgiveness, love, and honesty.

    • “his racism and anger” and “My manliness is not related to the pistol in my holster” undermines your credibility, especially when you admit to never having read anything he’s written, “Did he use crayons or invisible ink to write these historical documents? “.

  2. I say “racism and anger” due to the fact that he is a racist. I live in his neighborhood. His anger towards those that have different opinions than his is apparent. I never said I had not read his works. I said the majority of people…myself not included. The sarcastic remark I made regarding crayons and invisible ink refer to his rather arrogant persona of a martyr being targeted for all his “important documents”. If they are so important and a threat to the government, a reputable publisher would have published them for that reason alone.
    As for my comment connecting manliness and guns….very simple. Some sociopaths, or those with other issues (low self esteem, bullied as a child or abused in some way) will turn to firearms as a way to compensate for these “shortcomings”. This young man has a history of confrontational actions. Having a gun on his person creates a feeling of invulnerability since most of the public doesn’t carry guns with them while going to Lowes Food.
    My concern is that he will confront another person with the same arrogance and hotheaded attitude and they will start slinging lead like its the OK Corral. Nothing hurts a community like having some innocent bystanders killed by a stray bullet. Or would the NRA suggest that if the bystander had a gun, they could have prevented it? Maybe my next investment should be in companies that produce Kevlar products. I could buy another boat…

    • You should have led with, “I live in his neighborhood”, that would have cleared up your position.

      You’re very angry at him for being angry with those who disagree with him, which I assume includes you. Is there some history between y’all?

      • True. I got upset that his son pointed a gun at a child and he uses that as a catalyst for his agenda.

        I had a family member killed because someone lost their temper and pulled a gun from their glovebox and shot her. There was no time for her to react or defend herself.

      • We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

        I read it and also typed it.

        Have you looked at all the different amendments and articles?

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