UKIP “Clowns” Win 139 Seats, Status Quo Shaken

H/T to commenter Jeppo at OD

Daily Mail

Professor John Curtice, a polling expert at Strathclyde University, said: ‘UKIP has put in a remarkable performance.

‘The fascinating question is whether it will prove to be a blip or do we now have to accept that the days of two-party politics in Britain – which arguably were beginning to look a bit thin when we have a Coalition in charge at Westminster – are over?’Are we now looking at a very different kind of politics for Britain? We don’t know the answer.’

Why are British voting UKIP? The Telegraph tells us:

The pollsters asked Ukip voters to tick the reasons why they back the eurosceptic party. They said:

Want immigration reduced (76pc)
Want Britain to leave the EU (59pc)
Unhappy with the major parties (47pc)
Unhappy with David Cameron and his Government (25pc)
Ukip reflects my personal values and beliefs (20pc)
Positive impression of Nigel Farage (15pc)
“Sends a message” (14pc)
Unhappy over gay marriage (12pc)
New party deserves a chance (9pc)
Ukip would run the country well (8pc)

Maybe the UK is swinging back the other way?

Some Nigel Farage:


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