Hagan Raising Money In Fla. For Relection In NC

Seems to me this should be illegal. Those from outside the State shoud have no influence on NC politics.

Polk Politics blog via Plott Hound

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-NC, came back to the town she grew up in, Lakeland, a little over a week ago and left with a weighty addition to her re-election campaign chest.

Hagan, the daughter of Joe P. and the late Jeanette Chiles Ruthven, makes occasional trips back to see her family, but this time it had a special payoff.

Brother Greg Ruthven said Lakeland contributors helped raise $115,000 for her re-election campaign in North Carolina during a local fundraiser event hosted by the Ruthven family.

A Democratic member of the North Carolina Senate when she ran, she defeated incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2008 to win a six-year term in the U.S. Senate. She faces re-election in 2014.

Her political genes are in the family. Her father was mayor of Lakeland and her uncle was the late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles, who went to North Carolina for her first run for the state Senate in the summer of 1998 to campaign for her. Her Lakeland family still goes up to help campaign.


6 thoughts on “Hagan Raising Money In Fla. For Relection In NC

      • Iran and China are not covered by the Bill of Rights and it is therefore legal to restrict their speech.
        On the other hand, what if I ran a business with 100 stores in NC and 2000 employees and yet I live in SC? I think that person would have a vested interest in the politics of NC. Another problem is that since money is a form of speech, do you also want to pass a law that newspapers and internet blogs can only comment on the politics of the state they live in?

        Not only should conservatives fight for the First Amendment, they should also fight against encroachment on interstate commerce.

        • Your example of an SC business with locations in NC could be used for China. Chinese businesses have US locations, registered as US businesses with the Secretary of State in the State they do business. I don’t think businesses should be able to contribute to political campaigns, only individuals. And only individuals who are constituents of the politician in question.

  1. The guy in China is not a US citizen. Therefore, my illustration does not apply to him.

    Since you desire to place limits on the First Amendment, how do you intend to write a law that will do it? what other parts of the bill of rights do you want to get rid of?

    • Its not the Bill of Rights that’s in question, its campaign finance laws. People in Fla. or China can come here and say what ever they want. They can write opinion pieces in the paper, start a webpage, etc. I just don’t think that they should have a direct influence on politics in an area where they can’t vote, or do you want to let them vote, too?.

      The Bill of Rights and the whole Constitution is aimed at the federal gov. It says what DC can and can’t do, not the States.

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