“Doctrine My Ass”

Ain’t gonna be no revolution ’cause nobody wants to get in trouble. Keyboard Commandos don’t lead armies.

MT. Top Patriot had an interesting comment over at Western Rifles, posted here in its entireity.

“AM on his recent piece on training:

“I don’t know if my perception is skewed by what I read, but it seems to me that a lot of people in the Liberty movement believe that conducting light infantry style operations will be something that comes naturally.”
That is a good thing by any standards, but, it is standards, based on a life and professional career in a culture steeped in military history and doctrine. And I must say, to AM and others, you all extend priceless insights and knowledge to us outside your military culture, things which as they rightfully contend must at the very least understood in order for Liberty to prevail.

Important aspect is culture IS part and parcel of the crux of things here.

To be frank, at moments I take umbrage from some of the comments, along the lines of a bunch of deer hunters being ineffective in the face of the iron fist of tyrannical powers. Or for example AM’s veiled reference to the Scot’s clannish culture being incapable of obtaining Liberty from rule of England. Ya, true for the Scot’s. Thier 2000 plus years of history, a rather tiny country, never lived in Liberty as in America. It is a clan nation state first and foremost. Millions of Scot’s-Irish came to America to escape the feudal tyranny of the land barons. It is these guys who forged the frontier lands, and where an essential man power of General Washington’s 3 percenters. And the Brits knew them already for the stoutness and individualism they possessed as a people…lot of guerrilla history right there.

I think in many ways the points made from the .mil perspective are most valid in respect to formation of the resistance, and at least are a parable worthy of every serious consideration in our own situation here in this Republic.

But many who advocate the training are guilty of omission, and please, take this statement in the heart felt intention it is given.
There is a mitigating reality to consider in the case of deer hunters and the kind. We have lived in Liberty, it has existed in our culture, it is known commodity so to say. Not so for, in relative terms, almost every human who has walked God’s green earth through recorded history.

You Sir’s, AM, Mr. Mosbey, et all, have been involved in a military that has fought, for good or bad reasons, across the globe, far from American shores, fought for peoples far less fortunate than us American’s who have tasted and lived in freedom. Who are blessed with a system of rule of law and sanction unalienable primal rights, Liberty codified by brilliant far sighted men and woman who understood the evil and violence within man’s heart. You all also have been proxies for the cabel of elites who advance their agenda through pax americana. Not to diminish in the least the honor and noble hearts who go into harms way. But you all, like us on the civilian side have been suckers in the worst way in the schemes and agenda’s of the ruling class.
And this has fundamental bearing on the questions of “Let’s Win”.

I Sir’s, me, regular Joe working stiff, well, I am a decedent of those wise learned people who are our Republics founders. I am a deer hunter also. I am also a man, like so many of my fellow American’s, born of tolerance, it is in my soul this tolerance, it is ingrained in my Liberty, that means I have to put up with a lot from the likes of tyrants, crooks, liars, and thieves, whom constitute the greater part of MY, government. Not because I wish to tolerate the trespasses upon my Liberty and happiness, far from it, but many of my fellow American’s, and in some fashion, myself included, created this monster, the tyranny we face. I have to be tolerant. It what separates us as from savages, barbarians. Which to be frank again, is how I view the political and ruling class. Savages, full of hubris and monumental stupidity, so stupid they can begin to appreciate how ignorant they are.

But I’m digressing here.
I wish to make a salient point here, and I’m going to use AM as a reference.
AM, as you strive to express your perspective through your experiences in things military and politic, which I must say are in my humble viewpoint considerable and endlessly fascinating, you miss something that maybe you can learn from the likes of Deer Hunters and the like, maybe something outside the scope of your life and profession. And maybe I can pass on to you something of great value in return.
I’m a free man.
I’m terribly concerned with the power and tyranny our people of government have usurped. The transgressions, the destruction of something so precious.
Am I afraid?
Why yes.
But not of tyranny and it’s enablers.

I’m afraid of that once the line is crossed, where we turn from a Constitutional Republic, the greatest free nation in human history, into the greatest act of civil war imaginable. The hard bitter, bloody, dirty, ugly, things almost unimaginable right now, it is all a chilling possibility, the specter of it growing closer by the day, and every reason to be tolerant of the tyranny breathing down our necks.
But, and it is a huge but, if it comes to pass, I think your military doctrine is not going to be up to the task of revolution and UW in America, by American’s. It is going to be asymmetrical warfare on a level and a style you, me, or very few can envision.
My point in all this is simple and manifold. It embraces, and is inherent in something that is a part of many American’s. An indomitable spirit, ingenuity, industriousness, creativity, verve, an ingrained spirit of being free and happy. That once the Rubicon is crossed, a paradigm is born within many of Liberty, essentially something in our societal civility is going to come unglued, that civility of tolerance for usurpers and traitors is going to disapear like a fart in a class five hurricane. And once this thing is unleashed, it will be vengeance on the tormentors like the world has never witnessed. A comeuppance upon the ruling class of orders of magnitude. It is going to start ugly and wildly bloody, but being American’s, I believe that indomitable spirit, that ideal of civility, and Liberty, of happiness, of prosperity is going to create it’s own doctrine. And yes, I want to rub your face in it, those Deer hunters and kind that I find disparaging? They prevail in the long run. And truth be asked, if all that doctrine is worth something in the context of the times that come to us, why hasn’t that oath, which you and your brethren in the military have sworn on the bible and to God, and to us Deer Hunters and kind, to the rule of law and Liberty, the oath, which is what made your doctrine possible in the first instance, why are you all sitting on your fucking arses doing nothing while us American’s become cannon fodder for the same government that pays you?

Why, WHY!, are you not using that doctrine and practice what you preach?

Why if you are so smart and learned, haven’t you begun a guerrilla war?

Us deer hunters ain’t stupid. We know whats coming down the pike. We get the shit sandwich from the ruling class shoved up our arses every waking moment.

Doctrine my ass. You want to preach about Doctrine. Well buddy, put your money where your mouth is. While John Mosbey has his ass swinging in the breeze, out in the cold, millions of his fellow .mil brethren, active and retired, are absent. Big fat Zero. What the fuck did you all TAKE THAT OATH FOR? A free lunch, and all the fun toy’s of destruction you could play with? Well you know what guys? You get on us deer hunters about not training, you all got to get behind us. And pounding a keyboard don’t cut the mustard pal.

Hey, this is one fucking huge country. there is a one big ass shitload bunch of arms and logistics in the hands of Deer hunters and kind. You think we are just a bunch of redneck mouth breathers?
Got news, a lot of smart intelligent, crafty mother fuckers, well they have a quality all their own. And something to ponder on that. The ruling class, they are afraid of only one thing. It ain’t islamic terrorists, if anything those child molesters are useful tools and dupes. It ain’t the Russians or Chinese, or the Iranians. Ain’t killer comets or any natural disaster. They ain’t even afraid of the .mil. It is 3 million deer hunters they fear like nothing else. 3 million dear hunters are the existential threat to the elites. It is the only entity on earth with the capability to destroy 150 years of what is for lack of simple terms the 1 world Bankster/Fabian order.

But you are still correct in many ways AM.
This is my rant, and I’m sticking to it. And my guns too.
And maybe, one day, if it drops in the pot, you could be great leader, and men like me would fight for something better than ourselves along side you.

But you need to get off your arse too.
If your serious.
John Mosbey shouldn’t be out in the cold. Neither should us deer hunters and kind.

And all you oath keepers too.
It is time. and time is up.”



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