A Different Idea For Secession

Via Orthosphere where the discussion is.


Every people naturally wants to have its own country, one in which it can make its own laws without interference from any other country or nation, and one in which they will not be exploited or victimized by other groups. The United States of America started as a society of white Europeans whose language, customs, legal system, and culture were primarily derived from England, and it was still such a country as recently as 1965. A majority of the people who inhabited that country in 1965 were strongly opposed to living in either a communist country or a European-style socialist or social welfare state


However, the boundaries of the new country should not simply follow the present boundaries of the individual states. It is clear that many people now living in a “Red state” will not want to secede, but will prefer to remain in the United States of America. The newly formed AFR must therefore permit each county in any of the Red states the option of seceding from that state and electing to remain in the USA.

Read the whole thing.

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