We Need A New Petition To Stop This


During a speech Wednesday afternoon at the Linamar Corp. plant in Asheville, he opened his speech by praising the city and region and even hinted it could be his retirement destination.

“It is good to be back.  I love coming to Asheville,” Obama said.  “Michelle and I always talk about how if—after this whole presidency thing—we’re looking for a little spot,” Obama said. “Come on down,” shouted one audience member,.

But Obama also talked about his love for Asheville and the Tar Heel state, saying there would be lots of fun activities if he and his family moved there after his time in the White House was complete.

“Play a little golf, do a little hiking, fishing, barbecue.  There are two things that keep bringing me back here.  Number one is I really like the people.”

The second?  Barbecue, of course.

“Number two is 12 Bones, which I’ll be stopping at on my way back to the airport,” Obama said.

The smokehouse is in the River Arts District of downtown Asheville, a place he has visited before.

It likely won’t be the last visit to North Carolina for Obama over his second term.  And who knows, it could become his new home sometime down the road.

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