Update On Haddad And Pantaleon

Money is being raised for these men’s legal fees.





From TL In Exile

DHS Terrorists: Vets and Hunters

The term “Keyboard Commando” is being bandied about a lot lately. We are at a critical time. Those who work against us are starting to find ways to belittle us as they did the Tea Party. The American media is anxious to discredit us, to demonize us, anything to keep the truth of guns as the prevention of crime from being considered. They live on restriction; of limiting liberty. They are not about to concede this discussion without giving it their best effort to outlaw any gun they can anywhere they can. They want desperately to make us look like a bunch of fools who will not stand when it is obvious that we should.

Some in our community assist the liberals out of a good and decent place. They are afraid that now is not the time to act. Not all of us in the community agree on when and how. But, if one is intent on aiding the community in some way, there is always something one can do. If you are not ready to get off the couch, I suggest you get involved somehow. I would prefer you donate to a legal defense fund for those who are suffering from the illegal laws passed by New York, New Jersey, Illinois and the District of Columbia. Right now Keith Pantaleon needs your help. An illegal entry into his home, without being issued a warrant, apparently outed as a gun owner by his landlord. He arose to the sounds of police already in his living room, given access by his landlord’s key. My finances are tight, but I will not let this opportunity to put some fight into his case go unaddressed.

I don’t know what the heck the NRA does, but it does not provide a legal defense for people who have been placed in jail while unconstitutional laws are enforced by police. Where are the 100 million gun owners when funds are needed? There is more than just one way to act.

These laws are being passed and enforced and they are meant to disarm the American public. There is no way to get around that fact. The DHS is intent on buying up automatic weapons and hollow point bullets without explaining to the American people what they intend to do with them. Are there really that many terrorists in America? Only if you count discharged veterans and hunters.

The DHS has not explained why they need ammunition which is illegal for use in war. When you look at everything done since 9-11 it has been done against the American people, not for them. The passage of the Patriot Act has allowed the majority of the abuses being visited on the people. Where are the calls to repeal it? Why is the federal government of the few entities hiring in this economy?

We are up against a wall already. Yet, people say wait; it is not time to act.

Were gun-owners willing to protest, it would probably blunt this whole idea of disarmament. Imagine 100 million gun-owners descending upon capitals of every state. It would shake the very foundations of government. But, they won’t. There are ways to avoid conflict peacefully, but that possibility is slowly being abandoned out of complacency or disbelief.

So, I encourage action at every opportunity. I have committed myself to act in whatever way will help, either protest, or march, or congress and there are few takers.

Those of us who will act are being pushed into a smaller and smaller space. Our options are being limited from peaceful to not so peaceful response. Yes, it is exactly what the Obama Administration wants, that does not change the equation. They also want us not to act at all. The options are simple: act and watch the NDAA come to fruition, or sit back and don’t act and wait for the gulag train.

We need funds; we need action; we need protests; we need civil disobedience and we need to fight with anything and everything we have. If we are not doing that, we are abandoning the last defensible space we have for our rights. Ultimately, it will come down to the few who are willing to go to the last resort. If we will not act people like Keith Pantaleon (a video of what he was doing) will multiply by the thousands, just ordinary people relying on the Constitution to defend them against tyranny. With no help from the rest of us, we might as well reserve our cells in the closest penitentiary and wait our turn to be picked up for possession of illegal weapons like the average 1911.

I only have the defense fund for Keith and the Video on the second link, but I think you get an idea that this man was standing while others slept. It is the best explanation of who he is and what he is facing. If you think this is a scam or you are suspicious of websites that ask for money, God help you if you are next. I asked Roslyn to create the GoFundMe account so we had a way to stand up for him.

I might be called a Keyboard Commando, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I will do what I can from where I can and when that doesn’t lead to liberty, I will do something else.



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