I Have Become Libertarian!

Having spent way too much of my short life arguing with “libertarians” on Vox Day’s blog, yesterday, I am more convinced than ever that “libertarianism” is a political unicorn, or, maybe, a leprechaun. Leprechauns are a little more masculine and libertarians seem to be mostly male (and possibly drunk). Whichever, its not a real thing. Commenter civilServant summed it up when he said,” Indeed. The philosophy can only exist where it cannot be implemented.”

Some of the “libertarian” comments seemed to put some thought into it, but some reminded me of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song. One comment seemed to suggest a caste of “liberty priests” indoctrinated since youth to prevent the accumulation of political power!  Child indoctrination doesn’t sound very libertarian, but to each his own [libertarianism].

So, I have decided to chase the chimera so I can be one of the cool kids and label myself a libertarian, thereby distancing myself once and for all from the GOP. I think that’s what its really about, not being associated with the Republican Party or “evil, old white men” so people know you’re hip and edgy. That and smoking pot, of course. Marijuana is very important to liberty.

I have touched on libertarianism before, but this will be my first attempt to embrace it. Here goes:

I’ll start by restricting my government to voluntary contracts, disputes will be settled by a mutually agreed upon third party arbitrator and the rulings of the arbitrator will be enforced by a fourth party. I’ll call them laws “rights abridgement agreements”, courts “freedom arbitrators”, and law enforcement “liberty enforcers”.

Next, the individual States will be sovereign and have the power to organize their State level governments as they see fit. The domestic role of the federal government will be as mediator between the sovereign States and have no power to compel the States to do any more than is outlined in the US Constitution (stripped back to the Bill of Rights-why reinvent the wheel?).

Now that the federal government is out of the domestic picture and the States are re-empowered to craft a government agreeable to their people, my work is done.

I have replaced the individual in libertarianism with the States. I call it “macro-libertarianism”! It can also be called “constitutionalism” or “republicanism”, each are equally correct.





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