NC Schools Doing Away With Cursive

Found this on Plott Hound


“Cursive handwriting, once a standard part of the three R’s in elementary school, is no longer required to be taught in North Carolina.

The death of cursive instruction is linked to the national common core standards that North Carolina and 44 other states have adopted to standardize educational goals nationwide. The state leaves the decision on whether to teach cursive up to local school systems.

“We spend a lot more time in the computer lab, so they’re learning (Microsoft) Word and word-processing as opposed to cursive handwriting,” Lynn Dingwell, a third-grade teacher at Ed Baldwin Elementary School in Hope Mills, said Monday.

The only cursive to be found in Dingwell’s classroom was on a how-to poster, with each stroke numbered as if teaching a dance.”


“Michael Smith, a communications professor at Campbell University, said there’s more to cursive than elegance, and he fears that students’ cognitive skills will be less developed without it.”


6 thoughts on “NC Schools Doing Away With Cursive

    • Dueling experts don’t interest me. Cursive, and handwriting in general, are traditional skills of literate people.

      The piece you link to also seems to imply that memorizing the multiplication tables is somehow bad. How else are they to be learned?

      • I linked to that piece because of the facts about a legislator telling untruths regarding /a/ the contents of some laws, and /b/ the contents of some research she distributes. I have no quarrel with the multiplication table! — and did not comment on that part of the write-up. (If a legislator arguing in favor of arithmetic had similarly misstated the facts of the subject as a key part of her argument, would you likewise have regarded any concern with the matter as “a dispute among experts”?)

        • We can both find “experts” who will agree with whatever position we take. I hold that cursive is important, its not a position I am willing to argue, maybe not even able to. It just seems right to me.

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