The Internet Will Prevent The Revolution

I think that if the internet had existed in 1776, there would have been no revolution. All the people who fought and died would have been on the internet bitching about how King George was a tyrant. Nobody would have noticed, until somebody tweeted, that Washington, Adams, Jefferson, et al had been arrested and were being taken to England to be hanged.

white house petition

VIA Free NC   This is an article from what seems to be a left leaning writer. Mosby has said something similar (scroll down).

Dollar Vigilante:

I wrote that last year for The Dollar Vigilante in an article entitled When They Come For Your Guns You Will Turn Them Over, and it has been republished dozens of times, often as not to vilify the very proposition and its author.

And, even after all the recent saber-rattling in response to Obama’s threat to ban certain semi-automatic rifles, I still believe every word of that article. Most Americans will give up their guns when they are told do so. Not necessarily because they are afraid to die, although most are, but because they are so used to giving up what the government mandates be turned over. Guns may just be the next takeaway in a long list of takings by the State.

Others will come to the conclusion that guns no longer serve a purpose vis-à-vis protection from government tyranny because they have already given up all the rights that matter. From free speech to freedom of the press, all that which was once held sacred has been fully abridged. Even Bill Maher, a liberal’s liberal, gets that irony.

From a government that once complied with the requirements of due process down to dutifully reading one’s Miranda rights, we now suffer under a Leviathan that openly claims (and exercises) the right to arrest, indefinitely detain, sequester, jail, and even kill its own citizens without charges, an attorney, or a trial.

So, what’s the point? Just this: the Second Amendment which prohibits the federal government from abridging the freedom to possess firearms, a right ostensibly provided by the Founders in order to prevent government from stripping away other freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, is arguably unnecessary now, to-wit, those rights which our guns were supposed to protect have already been stripped away. Indeed, other than the right to shop and go out to eat (neither specifically mentioned in the Constitution), there are few rights that most Americans seem to care about anymore. Instead, they have been gamed by bread and circuses without firing a shot.

I would opine that under these circumstances government would care little whether Americans are armed or not. However, the Feds must suspect civil unrest is coming when the dollar collapses, and hungry people with guns probably isn’t what they have in mind as an endgame, which brings us full circle back to government, per Congressional directive or Executive edict, one day going door to door asking not-so-kindly for your weapons which will leave you asking what liberties you have left worth dying for.”

During Hurricane Katrina, guns were confiscated with no resistance.


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