Moccasin Creek Minutemen 2A Meeting Videos

Wednesday January 16 the Moccasin Creek Minutemen held a meeting with Sheriffs Donnie Harrison of Wake County, Jerry Jones of Franklin County and Carey Winders of Wayne County. NC Renegade has posted a lot of videos. In short, they are law enforcers, period. I did not attend. Following are my thoughts from watching the videos.

It occurred to me the other day that you really only have those rights which you can exercise freely. If you can be prevented from exercising a right, its not a right, its a privilege. The Sheriff’s departments have trained men armed with select fire weapons, communications networks and some have armored vehicles. In addition to their own resources, they have back up from State, city and federal law enforcement who have the capacity to read emails and track cell phones, etc. If these groups don’t want you to do something, they’re gonna stop you. You may get away with it for a little while, but they’ll eventually stop you.

My point is that we don’t really have “rights”, we have privileges. That’s a monarchy, albeit without an actual monarch,  which our ancestors fought to be free from.

When the Founding Fathers had won the American Revolution and set themselves to envisioning the perfect government, they came up with an idea of government as protector of rights rather than giver of rights and set it up to work in an adversarial manner, what we call “checks and balances”. To this end, certain positions in government were set up to be elected and others appointed. The elected positions were to represent the people. A Sheriff is an elected representative of the people of his county to the government tasked with upholding the law, as such he is THE law in his county.In the adversarial nature of our system, one elected official, operating within his sphere of influence, can stand up to the rest.

However, these Sheriffs seem to see themselves as simply enforcers of  law rather than protectors of rights. This is a subtle difference. A law enforcement officer is a reactive position. He follows orders regardless of whether they are just or not, he has given up his constitutional power. As an elected official, a Sheriff has the duty to protect the rights of his constituents, defending the Constitution. This is a proactive position. If there is an infringement of citizen’s rights, it is the duty off the government  to step in and put an end to it even if its the government doing infringing.

There’s the problem. The Sheriffs see themselves as enforcers of government will and subordinate to the government rather than as part of the government with just as much of a duty to protect rights as any other elected representative of the people. The Sheriffs in these videos keep blaming the voters for electing people who infringe rights, saying they have to enforce whatever laws are passed, that they are essentially puppets. If that’s the case, then why do we have Sheriffs? Just let the State police patrol rural areas and enforce the law.

As somebody in one of the videos said, its not a second amendment right, its a right protected by the second amendment.  If the government won’t protect your rights, who will?




2 thoughts on “Moccasin Creek Minutemen 2A Meeting Videos

  1. Fortunately we do have some throughout the nation who have stepped forward with the correct position. We have a Natural Right to self defense and to be left alone. You would think this wouldn’t be too much to ask, but not if you are a Collectivist who gets off on control. Despicable people.

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