Limbaugh: US Wants To Finish Off the South

VIA Rebellion blog:

Southern Nationalist:

“After quoting this segment of the Packer article, Limbaugh noted that the US Left is trying to isolate and ultimately ‘defeat’ the South. He asked his audience why Hollywood has produced the Abraham Lincoln films of late and why US Leftists are cheering these movies. The radio host answered his own question, saying that from their perspective Lincoln had destroyed the South but had not finished the job. He then referred to a recent article saying just this. Limbaugh went on to assert that the US Left wants to ‘finish off’ the South – finish the work that Lincoln started – because Southerners are conservative and oppose the Left’s political and social agenda.”

Is Limbaugh a secessionist? I always thought of him as a main stream Republican, but maybe I’m wrong. Read the whole thing, its short.

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