Southern View Of History

I haven’t read the whole thing, yet, but it looks interesting. I’ve added a permanent link in the Non-NC links on the right side since they’re a Georgia camp.

John K McNeill SCV Camp #674 :

It is said that the first casualty of war is truth and that the victors write and perpetuate the history. There are two sides to every story, two sides to a conflict, and while it would seem simple to record and report history it has always been open to different interpretations.  Somewhere along the line the Southern perspective has been obscured. 

We provide a Southern perspective on the events leading up to formation of the independent nation of the Confederate States of America, the history during is short existence and the history that followed that tragic war..  Some may argue that this is not a balanced treatment.  In response we say that the current history taught in most classrooms is not only NOT balanced, but in fact is biased and flawed.  The only one viewpoint presented for decades to students is the Northern Yankee perspective.  Do not let others do your thinking for you. You have heard their (Northern)-Yankee) side, now hear ours which is “The Other Side of the Coin”.  

Those who approach this course with an open mind will be amazed at the facts left out for decades of nearly all the textbooks.  Students, parents, teachers, administrators, school boards, and citizens are encouraged to review our course, check out many of the referenced readings and read a few books from the late 19th and early 20th centuries for another view. When you have done this we ask you to then draw your own conclusions. Our target for this history project are individuals willing to approach this conflict in history without prejudice.   Those who will look at all the facts before developing an opinion. We believe if we are allowed to present this history, the facts will speak for themselves.



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