Defensive Gun Use Roundup keeps a list of defensive uses of guns and has issued a 2012 report. Here’s one from NC:

H&L Business Center is an internet cafe and “internet sweepstakes business” whatever the heck that is. Recently, internet cafe’s in the Greenville, North Carolina area have been hit by a string of robberies dating back to late October.

First, I don’t understand why you would rob an internet cafe to begin with, but if criminals would just google internet cafe robbery, they would find this article with video of a 71-year-old Shawn Williams opening fire on two internet cafe robbers. I love that video… criminals sure can run fast when the tables get turned.

Around 5a.m. today two men wearing masks and dressed in all black entered H&L Business Center – one man armed with a handgun, the other with a shotgun. The thug suspect with the handgun jumped over the counter in order to access the register.

As he climbing the counter the store manager drew his concealed weapon and fired two times at the suspect. Using that special “I’m getting shot at” speed the two men fled the scene. It is unknown if either was hit at this time.

Kudos to the manager for being prepared and stopping the crime.




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