Turtle Island Permit Dispute

Even hippies aren’t exempt from the need to control every aspect of people’s personal lives.

Via Plott Hound:

High Country Press:

Eustace Conway is perplexed, astounded and outraged at recent events leading to the closure of Turtle Island Preserve, a 1,000-acre primitive refuge offering educational camps and internships, which he founded 26 years ago in the Triplett community of Watauga County.

An Oct. 17 letter from County Attorney Stacy “Four” Eggers notified Conway that he had 30 days to apply for the necessary permits and requested that Turtle Island Preserve bar any members of the public, including interns, from the vicinity of the structures. Conway was essentially given two options in that letter to settle the dispute: demolish the buildings or secure permits and bring them up to code.

A separate Oct. 17 letter from Eggers ordered Turtle Island Preserve to “cease and desist” from offering food, lodging and primitive camp activities because it didn’t posses a valid operation permit.

In addition to the WCPI and ADHD personnel present were representatives from Carolina Code Studies and Consulting, a firm out of Mocksville hired by Watauga County to conduct a 78-page report on the present code violations at Turtle Island Preserve.

I wonder if these brothers in Tenn. have permits?

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