Progressivism And The Death Of Community

Liberals, or progressives, like to say they’re working towards a more equitable society where everybody’s choices are equally valid, except, of course,  the choices progressives don’t like. You can tell a lot about a person by what they’re against. For instance, progressive are against what they call patriarchal society and religious discrimination. What they’re really against is Christianity. This is obvious when you look at their support for any religion other than Christianity. The left’s pro islam position is particularly ridiculous when you consider that muslim cultures are the most patriarchal on earth. Other, better writers have covered the left’s hypocrisy,  I’m more interested in the results.

Progressives have pulled at the loose threads of society’s edges for over two hundred years. At times, they have had legitimate grievances, but for at least the last fifty years, they have been working to simply destroy order.  A society is discriminatory by nature. Social norms and beliefs that define what  a society is have to be protected or society splits into cliques like a High School cafeteria. The left has spent the last two generations using their dominance in the political and educational establishments to make sure that we can’t create a society we actually want to live in. You want to live in a family oriented Christian society? Sorry, you’re discriminating against gay, athiest  feminists who want to parade their perversions through the street so you can see how “normal” they are.

I’m convinced that with a little ingenuity, and a lot of stubborn pig-headedness, we can find away to create the kind of communities we want to live in. Along the way, I think its possible to neutralize or circumvent the worst of government’s over reach.  I don’t believe there will be a secession or a political movement that returns us to to Constitutional rule, I think we’re too fat and comfortable  to fight for either. I do think there will be an economic depression or collapse that will break this country apart, though, and the best way to survive is to live among like minded people who share a common culture and who will work together. A community also lays better groundwork for rebuilding than a libertarian in a doomstead!

4 thoughts on “Progressivism And The Death Of Community

  1. He’s got a great sense of humor. Mother would call it English. Certainly infiltrated the South also. I can hear her now as she would say “Can’t you understand the King’s English?” ):

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