Carding Illegal Aliens

“Police leaders will explore whether they can use a private identification card to help them identify undocumented immigrants, police told residents at a forum Sunday.”

“Winston-Salem police accept identification cards issued by the nonprofit CHANGE to help them tell who someone is if the person doesn’t have a government-issued ID”

So they can arrest them, right? I mean, who but illegals wouldn’t have a State issued ID?

“The police officers, including two who are bilingual, stressed that they do not enforce immigration laws”


“Officers said that they need identification to make sure they charge the proper person with a crime or driving infraction. If officers can’t positively identify a person, they will take them to jail until they can figure out who they are, Capt. Mike Richey said.”

And them deport them, dumbass!  Seriously, lets get illegal aliens ID so when they break the law we don’t have to arrest them? Where am I?


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