End Of The Republic

I keep hearing that the republic was overthrown four years ago when Obama took office. I’m tired of people with short memories and I’m tired of the GOP. The republic was overthrown in the 19th century. Even before Abe “I-Wipe-My-Ass-With-the-Constitution” Lincoln took office, indeed, before there was a Republican Party, Nathaniel Macon, in 1832, said the Constitution was dead after reading Jackson’s proclamation against a SC nullification attempt.
I don’t believe the GOP is an actual party, anymore. They were originally what the democrats are now. Then, somehow, the democrats became the same as the GOP in the 60s. This seems like a coordinated effort to me. Accuse me of wearing a tin foil hat if you want.
Proof that the GOP is a fake party is in the inability to find a republican who actually works for the things that the party is supposedly for. Instead they bring  us the patriot act, DHS, war on terror, war on drugs, more government and less liberty. Then they refuse to actually try to overturn anything the dems have done that they are supposedly against.

So, vote all you, I’m sure it’ll be different next time.


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