NC Chapter League of the South Fall Conference

I attended the NC LoS Fall Conference Saturday. I have been following the blog for some time, and I enjoy the Free Magnolia online, but wanted to get a better sense of who they are and what they do  as a group. If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much.

The conference was held in the K&W  cafeteria’s  Allred Ballroom from 11:00 until 3:00. There were less than twenty people attending and I spoke with several, including past Chairman Mike Tuggle who runs the blog. Everyone was friendly and seemed to posses a level of historical literacy that far surpassed my own.

First up was State Chairman Bernhard Thuersam to welcome us and introduce Mike Tuggle to talk about the Mecklenburg Declaration or “MecDec”. Mr. Tuggle’s speech was a very  interesting history lesson.  In short, the Mecklenburg Declaration may have been the first declaration of independence signed by a colony. The NC flag bears its date, May 20, 1775. There is some controversy, though, here’s a wikipedia link for a quick overview.

After Mr Tuggle, Bernhard Thuersam continued the theme with the Halifax Resolves. The resolves are the second date on our flag, April 12, 1776,  and explicitly permitted out delegates to the Continental Congress to vote for independence from Britain, the first colony to do so.  Read more here.

Both of these speakers were were recorded. When the video is posted, I’ll link to it.

After Mr. Tuggle and Mr. Thuersam spoke, we broke for lunch and a casual conversation on Christianity and government. The consensus was that the Bible does not specify any particular style of government. The talk went on to cover evangelical republicans equating God’s Kingdom with the temporal State of Israel as the cause of so much US interventionism. This led to a brief foray into preterism and partial-preterism, a subject of which I am not that  knowledgeable.

The remainder of the conference was political discussion. A member arrived late who was very knowledgeable  on State politics. He had experience working for several campaigns and answered questions asked by the group. Subjects ranged from Governor-elect McCrory’s tenure as Mayor of Charlotte to UNC political correctness to the 10th amendment. Not surprisingly the Monument Protection Act was a topic of interest. There is some hope it will be re-introduced by the new “conservative”  majority.

All in all, it was an interesting few hours. I was hoping to hear some concrete ideas for action, but beyond letter writing, not much was explored. My impression was of scholars rather than fighters, but I think its a good group.

Edit to add: I like the League and agree that a knowledge of history is important. However, the average voter gets his history from movies and the League’s political adversary cares nothing for history, and will,  in fact, edit or ignore it at will. Something more is needed.

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